Thursday, January 28, 2010

cant sleep part 1

oh GOD
in the middle of the nite
i cant sleep
the coffe's n cigarete smell still stuck on me
syit !
I wrote this by phone , so just enjoy my story though its not easy to read it ! Haha .
Well ,i was dropped for several time because my IP start to falling again ..i used to be panic when i've bad situation ..
but ,im going to be patient or maybe just trying to not cry ,,but i know my parents were dissapointed
rain oh i really love rain .lalala
land's smell
water's smell
the cold situation

guys, i'll enrich my english
i want to learn english more more and more
and what i want to do now is trying to write all with english
its not mean that i hate indonesian
i'll tell u later why i do this ?
i love u wish me luck !

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