Friday, July 10, 2009

it’s not a big secret again

n.n : maaf gambar saya samarkan.. tapi anda pasti tau siapa ini...

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have I told u bout my broken heart story ?

haha . different from the last … call him “z”

now , I built the new one .. just call him “k”

(I think it’s not now .. but YESTERDAY..because it’s over NOW !)

“ love is ended before its begun…”

Image : copy of foto 908

Yes, it show how broken i am now…

Disappointed ? yes.

Sad ? of course .

Angry ? a little .

I’ll try my best to take his heart . but , it’s very hard , darl …

Am I stupid ? ( I think no !)

I have said that “three words “ to him..

The response ?

Just make my heart broken again …haha .

Now , I heard that he has a new one . but , I try to don’t care bout him again .

Just for your info

He’s the hardest boy that I’ve ever seen

(It’s the fact !!! my friends also said that )

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