Friday, July 10, 2009

Award for this month and month and month

Hihi .
Just like in previous awards.. I just wanna give this award for the person who I think its good-looking in this award. (only my friends)

1. best female of this times : pramita nurul h a.k.a mita I give her this award because I never seen a friend like her . who crazy and always show her bad face .
2. best male of this times : dea reffa HW a.k.a jonni Im very excited with him …he’s smart , tall , and big-nose . kita selalu ejek2an lo…

3. best heart broken-er : ario jiwo anindito a.k.a karjok u know what … u know what….u know what I mean guys…
4. controversial mate : rendha novenda – Brenda until this time , my friends always blame me that I’ve a relationship with him . but, it’s not true ! we’re just a friend and not more ..

5. best chairmate : indah marlina a.k.a nengg haha . my chairmate in disconnect (XII.IS.2). gorgeus ! ! she’s smart but sometimes she’s lazy .. LOL!

6. best motor-riding mate : renanda prima a.k.a silly he always bring me whenever I want to go.. but we always together when we go to GO … I know that I’m heavier for his motorcycle.. but no matter what he never angry..(hihi )

maybe.. it’s enough for you… stay with me and I’ll write bout this award.. maybe ur name will be shown in here … see ya !

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