Monday, June 22, 2009

MY PROM nite

Humm… maybe all of u very know bout his one . yes , prom nite. What’s prom nite ?? maybe it’s like a farewell party for a high school student. I don’t know when this event started from . but I think it’s westerned, isn’t it ??

I’ll tell u bout my prom nite..
I don’t even know when this event start from (I’m late so sorry,)this event starts from 07.30 pm. It start with a dinner . unfortunately, I didn’t have my dinner because they look so crowded to fall into line . so , me with my bestfriend indah go straight to the hall. Hum , my first sight .. it looks deserted (maybe they still in line to have dinner ). I met chus, wawa, and dince . I join them , and taste the chuz’s food (delicious ). I searching for kaka n another friends and of course I searching for “u know who “ . finally , I got them sitting on vip chair . I join them and we keep chit-chating . just for u’r information the artist in our prom is a local band from SMA 3 , acoustic 26 , and the most spectacular is DJ WINKY ( sounds great , yes ?) . I don’t have to write all yes ? all of procession looks beautiful . all girls-student very beauty. And the boys-students was very attractive .

all of program ended. I’ve to say that “three words to him “ . and I said that to him , but do yo know the response ? NOTHING . how broken heart I am.. but , I don’t want to remember that moment , I just want remember that prom nite which very spectacular … great job !

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