Tuesday, December 23, 2008

UNGOK 17th Belsdeii..

20 of december 2008

one of my best friend become older..


her name is Artsswinda Ayu Bungara..

yepp.. she make a party of her birthday at pemancingan barokah sikopek..

hemmm... a big party...really lot of surprise..

i go there with skrooo 

with the cool air..really make me.hummmmmmmmm

almost 1 hours at the road..

we found it!!!!

we eat fish like lele, mujair,and all those kinds of things..


and the most importance is..

GWANOS was born at here!!!xp

finally, we have something to fight the ORNOS one..


thanks ungok..

that's a beautiful party..

maybe as the closing of this year..

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  1. ,,,,hua nind
    dirikuw terharu membaca blog mu tentang ak >_<